The name Kyobashi Saiku is the general name for the culturally focused portion of the development. It is comprised of Artizon Museum (formerly named Bridgestone Museum of Art: managed by Ishibashi Foundation) on the lower floors of Museum Tower Kyobashi, New TODA Building (tentative name) cultural contribution facility (managed by Toda Corporation) on the lower floors of New TODA Building (tentative name), and Art Square (tentative name: managed by Kyobashi Saiku Area Management) that will be located outside the building.


Artizon Museum (formerly named Bridgestone Museum of Art)*
Ishibashi Foundation

Respecting a 65-year history Bridgestone Museum of Art will change its name to better suit the new direction. Under the concept “Experiencing Creativity,” it will be a museum where a range of art can be appreciated, from antique art, Japanese Western-style paintings, Impressionists, and 20th century art to contemporary art.

* The museum name was changed to Artizon Museum in July 2019.

New TODA Building (Tentative Name) Cultural Contribution Facility
Toda Corporation

It will consist of galleries where visitors can interact with art and creations, a co-working space that will be used to support artists and creators, and an event hall.

Art Square (Tentative Name)
Kyobashi Saiku Area Management

It will be a spacious and wide square with a frontage of 120 meters along Chuo-dori Ave., where various art and cultural events will be held.

Activity Contents

Creating a Space for the Arts and Cultural Activities

Integration of diverse art and cultural facilities will create a venue that stimulates the curiosity of the visitors and can provide them with new discoveries and ways of appreciating art and culture.

Holding Art and Cultural Events

Diverse events will be held involving the entire block. Events and cultural lectures will be hosted until the grand opening in 2024.

Supportive Activities for Young Creators

A space where young creators display their works and suppports for them to join events.

Cafés with Unique Characteristics

Will open several cafés with differing characteristics including an open café within Artizon Museum to provide welcoming spaces in various forms.

A Group of Tenant Shops

Shops related to the exhibitions as well as a museum shop and other stores where artwork and merchandise will be available.

Information Dissemination

Through web, printed materials and various media, information regarding art, design and creativity will be distributed.