The area management of Kyobashi Saiku aims to enhance Tokyo’s stance as a city that celebrates art culture by means of urban rejuvenation through block reorganization. The activities will be conducted centered around the following four pillars.

Overall Vision for Area Management

Enhancing the appeal of Tokyo as a city of art culture while contributing to urban rejuvenation through block reorganization and city development

Special Area Contribution

Establishing an art and cultural base open to the public

Block restructuring, reinforcement of disaster prevention and reduction of environmental negative impact

1Creating Opportunities for Art and Culture, and Educating Younger Generations of Artists

  • Providing a venue where visitors can come into contact with diverse art culture, and make discoveries that lead to new developments
  • Promoting exchange between art, business and the local area, and support diverse challenges and information dissemination

2Creating Welcoming Venues

  • Creating and managing venues that are welcoming and pleasant to be in
  • Providing a venue that supports various work-styles and attempts to improve tenant loyalty

3Local Coalition

  • Establishing a coalition among art museums, Kotto-dori St., district council, merchants association, local governments, and schools, etc.
  • Gaining trust from surrounding areas
    A consistent approach from planning to operation
    Establishment of a coalition system

4A Foundation of Business and Locality

  • Consistent management that conduct experiments with social values required by the times
  • Reinforcing safety, security, and disaster prevention
    Providing safety in both hardware and software
    Reinforcing disaster prevention in providing information and support for stranded commuters

Management and Organizational Structure

Kyobashi Saiku Area Management comprises of members of Nagasaka Corporation and Toda Corporation. The Kyobashi Saiku Area Management will set up a council comprising of those involved to develop area management activities. It will aim to improve the values of the surrounding areas working together with Kyobashi Edogrand, TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN, and Nihombashi Galleria Area Management.

Kyobashi Saiku Area Management

  • Members’ General Meeting
  • Executive meeting
  • Secretariat

Kyobashi Saiku Area Management Council

  • Full-time members Same as the Area Management Members
  • Associate members Art and Cultural Facility Operators
  • Cooperative members Building Maintenance Companies, Cooperative Associations, Tenants, etc
  • External members External Organizations and Groups that Support the Area Management Activities, Individuals

Other related organizations

  • Kyobashi Edogrand
  • Nihombashi Galleria Area Management
  • Kotto-dori St., Galleries, Antique Shops
  • Local Governments
  • Town Council
  • Residents
  • Schools
  • Police
  • Fire departments
  • Specialists
  • Area Management Organizations Throughout Japan

Outline of Corporation

Corporation nameGeneral Incorporated Association Kyobashi Saiku Area Management
Address1-7-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031, Japan
Founded onApril 1, 2019
MembersNagasaka Corporation, Toda Corporation
Objective of foundationConduct the following project with the objective to form an art and cultural base opened to the public while contributing to urban rejuvenation with enhancement in promoting Tokyo as a city of art and culture in the east district of 1-Chome, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Project outline
  1. 1.A project pertaining to creating opportunities for art culture and fostering promising artists
  2. 2.A project pertaining to creating welcoming venues
  3. 3.A project that benefits improving the value of the Kyobashi area
  4. 4.A project that benefits creating prosperity in the Kyobashi area
  5. 5.A project pertaining to contribution in safety, security, and reinforcement of disaster prevention
  6. 6.Other than the items provided above, a project that is necessary for attaining the original objective of this area management