A Center of Art and Culture for All

A new district will be realized in Kyobashi, a five-minute walk from the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station and close to both Ginza and Nihonbashi.
There will be an Art museum, a Cultural center and a Peaceful open square.
Kyobashi Saiku will be the artistic and cultural hub for all.


Kyobashi Saiku is a completely new cultural hub where visitors can engross themselves in art culture. It houses a facility for cultural contribution comprised of the Museum Tower Kyobashi and New TODA Building (tentative name) and an open square with a frontage of 120 meters along Chuo-dori Ave.

The Bridgestone Museum of Art will change its name to the Artizon Museum and will open January 2020. And there will be a space to support the activities of young artists, a multipurpose hall and a square where various art and cultural events will be held. A welcoming and appealing art space will be created by encouraging synergetic effects, transcending the fields of art, design and artisanship.

With a long cultural history from to the Edo Period, Kyobashi is a district where history and culture are alive with numerous galleries and antique shops. The concept dates back to 2008 when Nagasaka Corporation and Toda Corporation ー both of which have long been based in this area ー began creating plans for the reconstruction of their buildings. After going through repeated examinations with the Chuo Ward office, we decided to aim for development as an urban regeneration special area in 2012. A special area proposal to the Government of Tokyo based on the themes “Establishing a base for art culture” and “Reinforcement of local disaster prevention” was submitted in September 2015, and the urban planning project was approved in March 2016.

Kyobashi will be created with the goal of matching the fluidity of culture and society to appeal to everyone such as young children, business professionals and tourists in a way to have them feel and enjoy art culture as well as cozy time and atmosphere. We want to contribute to pleasant and dream-filled lives for many people.


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